My Philosophy

Counselling can help if you are struggling. Life at times can be tough and unfair, overwhelming and confusing.

We can all suppress our emotions in the hope they will just go away on their own. Annoyingly, without giving them our full attention, those emotions have a habit of becoming larger and less manageable. This is when counselling can be helpful.

We are all on our own individual journeys. We are the only ones who know what path we have already walked and how it feels to be us. When we explore our difficulties that we have in the present, or have had in the past, we can make sense of our experiences. We can develop new ways of seeing ourselves, so we can choose what we want in our next life chapter. For some, even the process of telling the story of our lives can feel like a weight has been lifted off us. The cycles of life are in constant change and so are we.

I offer a safe, caring, compassionate space for you to share your experiences. As an ‘integrative’ counsellor I use talking therapy and can combine different therapeutic approaches to fit you as a person. I have various tools available depending on your own specific needs and preferences; some of these include creative mindful techniques, cognitive behaviour therapy, self esteem interventions and therapeutic writing exercises.

It really does depend on how you would like to work together and what feels right for you. Kindness and openness are at the forefront of how I work. With my strong belief, that only when a person feels heard and valued will they begin to heal.

I feel that I have had many different personal and professional challenges, and have met people from many different walks of life. I value my experiences wholly, which supports the way I work as a Counsellor.

I welcome all people, of all ages, beliefs, values and experiences.