ADHD in adult women

If you have ADHD, or are waiting for a diagnosis, you will already know that ‘ADHD never takes a day off’. The challenges are daily and are often invisible to the outside world. Burn out, fatigue and depression can happen due to the extra effort required to self regulate the sensitive neurodiverse mind, body and soul. The emotional highs and lows of ADHD need special care to navigate through.

Psycho education, self knowledge and reflection go a long way into finding ways that work for you, to live the life you deserve.

Extra support from a counsellor may be helpful for a number of reasons:

  • Maybe you want us to work through your feeling of inner restlessness which I call ‘the ADHD itch’.
  • Maybe you have experienced a painful life event that you would like to share and process.
  • Maybe you would like to build your inner self esteem, to release some beliefs that you have identified with that are no longer true.

Whatever your reason for wanting to start counselling, you will be in the driving seat in how you would like us to work together. 

Care, compassion and a touch of humour and humility is essential to sail the wonderful, mundane and sometimes challenging waves of being ADHD inside and outside of the therapy room.

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